Residential Treatment for Schizophrenia

Residential Schizophrenia Treatment Center

Schizophrenia is a challenging mental illness characterized by hallucinations, delusions, unusual behaviors and emotional responses, and difficulty functioning. If you have a loved one struggling with this condition or suspect they are, residential treatment is a must. Residential treatment for schizophrenia provides support, therapy, medical care, social and life skills, and much more. It gives what your loved one needs to make lasting, positive changes for a better life living with this chronic illness.

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness and brain disorder. Less than one percent of the population will be diagnosed with this condition, but for those who are, and their families, the impact is significant. Schizophrenia causes hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thoughts and speech, difficulty thinking and focusing, and sometimes an inability to express emotions, speak or find pleasure in anything.

This is a chronic mental illness, which means there is no cure. However, treatment is effective in helping most individuals manage symptoms and live a better life. Treatment for schizophrenia involves therapy, medications, and family and social support.

Residential treatment is often the best choice for schizophrenia. Long-term, intensive care helps you or your loved one learn to manage this condition through therapy, group sessions, social and life skill development, and alternative and wellness practices.

Residential Schizophrenia Treatment at BrightQuest

Residential treatment for schizophrenia at BrightQuest is tailored to each client and is led by a team of experts in all areas of mental health and wellness.

  • The Initial Assessment. Treatment begins with an assessment for each resident as they check into the facility. This two-day process includes one-on-one sessions, interviews with family, a medication review, and psychiatric, medical, and health history evaluation. The intake process also includes group sessions and a tour to help you or a loved one feel comfortable beginning this journey.
  • Working with Family. Mental illness is not individual; it involves and impacts the family and loved ones. BrightQuest includes the family in the intake process and throughout treatment with at least one family session per week.
  • Comprehensive Treatment. Clients receive at least two individual sessions per week with therapists, using the types of therapy most appropriate, such as behavioral therapies. Comprehensive care for schizophrenia also includes medications, alternative therapies, group therapy, life and work skills, weekly family therapy, and anything else an individual client may need to be successful.
  • A Compassionate Community. The BrightQuest community is intentionally built to be one of compassion and mutual support. Residents work with teams of experts and their families, but also with other clients. Each client spends at least 15 hours in group therapy per week to begin. They develop strong social connections here that promote skill development for better overall health and recovery.
  • Long-Term Care for Lasting Changes. BrightQuest aims to provide each client with the appropriate level and type of treatment that will lead to lasting changes. Long-term residential care for schizophrenia is focused on empowering clients to make these significant behavioral changes, which they can carry with them outside of treatment.

Seeking Schizophrenia Treatment for Your Loved One

Helping a loved one get into treatment is the best thing you can do for someone with schizophrenia. Without professional input, you cannot determine if they have this condition, but you know when something isn’t right. Here are some warning signs and symptoms of schizophrenia to consider that may indicate a loved one needs to be evaluated and receive treatment:

  • They seem depressed and socially withdrawn.
  • They have become suspicious or paranoid. They may even have hallucinations or delusions, unusual and persistently false beliefs.
  • Schizophrenia causes a flat emotional affect and a lack of expression in some people.
  • Your loved one may speak strangely, not making a lot of sense.
  • Their emotions and reactions may seem inappropriate, such as laughing at the wrong time.
  • They can’t seem to function normally anymore in terms of regular daily activities, hygiene, work, or home responsibilities.
  • Their behaviors are unusual, and they may be impulsive or lack inhibition.

With any troubling signs, it is essential that you take steps to get a loved one help. At BrightQuest, we can provide consultation and advice. You can bring your loved one here to be assessed and undergo a full mental and physical evaluation. From there, we can plan treatment.

Family Involvement in the Schizophrenia Treatment Process

Family support is an essential part of effective treatment for schizophrenia. Therapy and medication help your loved one manage symptoms and develop more positive behaviors. But once they leave treatment, they will rely on the understanding and support of family to help them find stability.

BrightQuest treatment includes at least one hour of family therapy per week for residents. At least one family member is involved in the initial assessment process so that the team of experts working with your loved one has a full picture of their behaviors, needs, and strengths.

Families are also encouraged to participate in support group meetings and to attend educational sessions. These will help you learn more about schizophrenia and what your loved one is experiencing. You will learn how to support them in their treatment and once they return home again.

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Why Choose BrightQuest for Schizophrenia Treatment

BrightQuest has been helping patients with a schizophrenia diagnosis for over 40 years. We offer teams of specialists so that your loved one gets a multifaceted treatment plan that is updated daily if needed. The environment is calm and peaceful, compassionate, social, and aimed at healing and long-term recovery.

Your Residential Treatment Experience at BrightQuest

BrightQuest has two locations for schizophrenia treatment: San Diego and Nashville. Both treatment centers are set in serene, relaxing locations where the focus is on healing and wellness. The staff is experienced at working with people diagnosed with schizophrenia and support residents with kindness and compassion.

The body of work your loved one will do here includes individual, group, and family therapy, as well as finding the right medication. They will also benefit from a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies and activities for skill development, enrichment, and wellness, which may include:

  • Substance use disorder treatment and relapse prevention
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Anger management
  • Life skills
  • Social skills training
  • Spirituality and rituals group
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Gender-specific groups
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Equine therapy
  • Adventure therapy

BrightQuest Levels of Care for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is complicated, and each client has different needs. This is why BrightQuest offers different levels of care. Staff will help the family determine the appropriate level during the intake and assessment.

  • 24-Hour Residential Treatment. Many clients with schizophrenia require a period of stabilization with round-the-clock supervision. Severe symptoms and behaviors may necessitate this intensive period of treatment that includes 24-hour staff support as well as symptom management and medical care. This is temporary, so your loved one will stabilize and transition to a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Semi-Independent Living. The next step down in care is semi-independent living with private rooms and implementation of the treatment plan. At this level of care, your loved one will begin intensive weekly therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, and will start to build independent living and social skills.
  • Independent Living. This level of care is a great way to transition from residential treatment to living independently. Clients at this level remain in treatment but live off-site. The connections they maintain to the treatment community help them settle into life outside of care while still getting support and benefitting from the social connections made in residence.

You can also take advantage of BrightQuest’s extended services, essentially outpatient care. Choose from individual, family, or group therapy sessions, care coordination, emergency support, alternative therapies, and social events. These are great for maintaining important connections and getting treatment as needed for this chronic illness.

The BrightQuest Therapeutic Community

BrightQuest was founded as a therapeutic community, with the idea that healing from mental illness and addiction is not an individual endeavor. Your loved one will work, not just with specialists and therapists, but with their peers and families within this supportive community.

What makes a community so useful for treatment is that it helps residents develop social skills and learn from each other. Your loved one will feel included, empowered, and both seen and heard. They will establish lasting connections here, not just momentary help.

Effective, evidence-based treatment in a community setting is a wonderful way to manage and come to terms with living with schizophrenia. There is no cure for this illness, but it can be treated successfully. You or your loved one can learn to heal and embrace a better future with treatment at BrightQuest.

If your loved one is suffering from schizophrenia, contact us today.