Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Residential Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment Center

BrightQuest Treatment Centers provide world-class residential treatment for anxiety disorders and other complex mental illnesses. Our unique therapeutic approach and expert staff ensure your loved one receives treatment and support they need for lasting change. Our evidence-based anxiety disorders treatments, including residential care and therapy, offer the intensity and duration necessary to go beyond immediate stabilization to help our clients attain greater independence.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a mental health illness affecting millions of people.

Individuals suffering from this disorder have symptoms that can be debilitating, making normal everyday functions feel impossible.

Many people experience anxiety but it is manageable. When someone can no longer bear the anxiety and avoids people, events, or everyday functions, then it’s time to get help.

Although generalized anxiety disorder symptoms can be devastating, it is very treatable if an individual is committed to the proper ongoing treatment that is required for lasting relief from the symptoms of GAD and learning how to manage living with anxiety.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

To help your loved one recover from GAD, inpatient mental health rehabilitation is the best option. The dysfunction and distress this disorder may cause your loved can be detrimental so ensuring they are in a safe, supportive, and secure environment is essential. This may be especially helpful if there is a co-occurring mental health or substance use disorder.

At our BrightQuest locations in San Diego and Nashville, our unique anxiety disorders therapeutic model and structure of long-term residential care ensure that your loved one will receive the support necessary for healing and recovery. With the guidance of our clinical team, their peers, and your family involvement, your loved one will work through underlying issues, gain strength, build confidence, regain control of their life, and work toward greater independence.

Treatment Goals for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The best way to help your loved one is to make sure they are prescribed a treatment plan by a mental health professional. A professional will evaluate the needs and steps necessary for the best recovery. While each plan will be tailored to your loved ones needs these are some common goals of treatment:

  • Reducing and managing anxiety
  • Less worrying
  • Developing a stronger social support system
  • Being able to relax
  • Addressing other co-occurring mental health disorders

Achieving these goals is highly favorable if the individual adheres to their treatment plan and continues ongoing care after treatment stops. BrightQuest Treatment centers are staffed with caring and compassionate professionals who will guide and support your loved one as they reach recovery.

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Treatment Options for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There are different options for treating generalized anxiety disorder, and most often a combination of treatments will be prescribed. Residential treatment along with behavioral therapies, holistic approaches and if necessary medication are all part of GAD treatment:

  • Residential. Generalized anxiety disorder treatment facilities are the best for your loved one as the caring team will guide their patients through therapies, support and the tools needed for life after treatment, and if necessary medication.
  • Therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapies have been shown to help those suffering from anxiety disorders immensely.
  • Holistic and Alternative Therapies. Some examples of alternative and holistic therapies are acupuncture, massage therapy, art therapy, yoga, and meditation.
  • Medication. Sometimes medications are prescribed to help reduce the intensity of anxiety.

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Residential Anxiety Treatment Centers

In addition to therapy and medication, treatment in a residential treatment center includes alternative and holistic therapies, group and family support, nutrition, and exercise. As GAD can cause many disturbances to normal life, your loved one will recover best at an inpatient anxiety treatment center, where they can focus solely on treatment and recovery. The knowledge, care, and support of the professionals working at BrightQuest Treatment Centers make it the best place for your loved one.

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Why Choose BrightQuest for Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

We understand that one of the toughest decisions you can face is choosing the right treatment option for the one you love. We’ve taken this journey countless times with other families who once came through our doors with the same questions. There are several components that make the unique BrightQuest model so successful.

  • Admissions Process and Comprehensive Assessment. We provide robust in-depth assessments into our admissions process to ensure accurate diagnoses and most appropriate level of care.
  • We Treat the Family. We engage the entire family in treatment so that they can become more successful in navigating life with a loved one experiencing anxiety disorders.
  • Inclusive Therapeutic Community and Levels of Care. We provide clients appropriate structure, supervision, and support as they progress through treatment in a safe environment that fosters responsibility, accountability, and social connectedness.
  • Lasting Behavioral Change. We offer clients the tools, skills, and support necessary to attain greater stability and independence with the confidence and courage to live a healthy, happy, and productive life.

Our main goal at BrightQuest is to support your loved one in learning the skills they need to live a happy, healthy, and independent life. It’s that simple.