Your Family's Role in the Admissions Process

Admissions Assessment

Our comprehensive admissions assessment at BrightQuest sets us apart from other residential treatment centers. We believe in taking the time to understand each individual’s history and diagnosis, and to include family in the process. Families are asked to prepare a detailed timeline of observations and experiences related to their loved one’s mental health history, and may be required to go through a two-day outpatient assessment. Our success as treatment providers begins with understanding your loved one’s unique needs from the start.

Our comprehensive admissions assessment includes:

  • Clinical Assessment (Family and Client)
  • Chemical Dependency Assessment
  • Health Assessment
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Psychiatric Meeting (where appropriate)

Your Family's Role in the Assessment Process

The Purpose of Our Admissions Assessment

Clinical admissions assessments allow us to:

  • Gather information to refine diagnoses and develop an appropriate treatment plan
  • Determine the most appropriate level of care at the time of admission
  • Develop a plan to adjust the support needed as treatment progresses
  • Identify interpersonal and family patterns that might compromise treatment
  • Evaluate individual needs to be addressed within a comprehensive, whole-person approach

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