Residential Treatment Centers for Adults with Complex Psychiatric Disorders

BrightQuest's therapeutic communities provide multiple levels of care for adults suffering from schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar, trauma, and other mental health disorders.

The BrightQuest Difference

Our unique model focuses on three pillars of treatment—community, family, and independent living. Our fully integrative approach addresses the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of our clients.

Therapeutic Community

We believe that clients are most successful when given the opportunity to experience genuine connection and bonding with others in treatment.

Family Integration

We believe that family participation is essential in the successful treatment of a loved one, and at BrightQuest, family takes an active role.

Independent Living

We support individuals in developing the life skills needed to take charge of their lives and reach the highest possible level of independence.

Our Culture and Environment

BrightQuest is a values–oriented community. Our community culture was originally founded on the Native American philosophy that emphasized personal spirituality as an important element of recovery, a sense of community, and a desire to excel.

BrightQuest Treatment Centers is accredited by The Joint Commission, which sets the standards for quality and safety of patient care.