Substance Use Disorder Case Management

Substance Use Disorder Case Management

Many individuals with mental illness also suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders. BrightQuest's substance use disorder program employs and integrates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment using individual Chemical Dependency Case Managers (CDCM) for successful and long-term application.

Substance Use Disorder Case Management Overview

Each client is evaluated by the Treatment Team for substance abuse or dependency as part of our standard assessment process as well as any other substance use related concerns. If substance use disorder is indicated, the client is placed in our recovery case management program. As a part of this program, they meet individually with BrightQuest’s Substance Use Program Coordinator for a weekly session, a Case Manager is assigned and a treatment structure is implemented. An assigned Chemical Dependency Case Manager meets with the client in a weekly session and is responsible for supporting the client with developing an active and healthy recovery program. The CDCM helps promote consistency, a key ingredient of recovery, and structure compliance through progress tracking, relapse prevention, and requirement accountability. Additionally, a function of the CDCM is to maintain a harmonious relationship with the client’s sponsor to help build and model a united support system.

In addition to weekly sessions with the CD Coordinator and check-ins with their CDCM, our clients attend a minimum of 5 substance use-related peer support groups. This includes an internal 12-Step literature study designed to translate the basic text of 12-Step into applicable and immediate tools and educate clients on the culture, traditions and history of their respective self-help group. This increases confidence and comfort when attending and joining outside groups and developing a sober support network.

Additionally, our CD groups are designed to be a didactic training program that provides information on how to effectively address a substance use disorder and provide insight and awareness to the brain’s recovery process. Clients learn to expedite the bio-psycho-social recovery process through proper nutrition, utilizing vitamins and supplements, exercise, stress management, effective communication skills, socializing, meditation and fun. A well-balanced recovery program, strong support group, and healthy lifestyle is the key to achieving long term sobriety; but with stress as the greatest enemy, not always easy to maintain.

At BrightQuest, clients have the opportunity to practice recovery while life is in session in a safe and supported environment. They can immediately utilize their treatment tools in real world scenarios, build on their successes and regain the confidence, integrity and self-efficacy that are often stripped by substance use.

Summary of Services

  • Weekly session with BrightQuest Substance Use Disorder Counselor
  • Daily Substance Use Disorder Therapy Groups
    • Substance Use Disorder Process Group
    • Smart Recovery
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Studies
    • 12-Step Study
  • Support for:
    • Attending regular outside-the-program recovery meetings
    • Acquiring a sponsor outside of the program
    • Finding a regular home group
    • Having a regular service commitment