Physical Wellness Training

BrightQuest's embrace of local outdoor opportunities has led to the creation of our Physical Wellness program, which incorporates a trice-weekly physical fitness regimen tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Benefits of Physical Activity

The benefits of regular exercise on mental health have been widely documented for the ways they contribute to both physical and psychological well-being and aid the management of a variety of mental health symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc). Nature-based therapies facilitate personal growth by cultivating a greater awareness of one’s strengths and abilities, fostering interpersonal relationships through cooperation, service and teamwork, developing leadership skills, and providing opportunities for empowerment and self-confidence.

As part of our standard level of service, BrightQuest clients will initially be assessed for their physical capabilities before partaking in any of our outdoor or fitness activities. This initial assessment will provide insight for our Personal Trainer about what fitness level our client is at and what specific limitations need to be considered when developing a safe and appropriate fitness regimen.

Once the initial assessment is completed clients will be expected to regularly participate in a one-hour, three-day per week fitness group activity class. Prior to commencement of each client’s self supported workouts, our Personal Trainer will facilitate two one-hour education sessions. The purpose of the education sessions is to teach the client proper form and technique, to provide a basic level of competency and develop appropriate expectations and consideration of individual limitations, to ensure their activities are consistent with their specific fitness goals and to help motivate them by beginning the physical wellness process on the right foot.

The tri-weekly activity classes use a combination of High-Intensity-Interval Training, Strength and Cardio Circuits, Stretching and Gentle Yoga. Each class is specifically designed to build from the previous class and provides a weekly full-body training that develops one’s strength, endurance and flexibility. Our program is designed to remove the often-intimidating atmosphere of a gym and to create fun and enjoyment in both training and education so that the client can learn skills for maintaining a sustainable healthy training regimen long-after their Wellness Program is complete.

Physical Wellness Training Overview

BrightQuest’s embrace of these outdoor opportunities has led to the creation of our Physical Wellness program, which incorporates a tri-weekly physical fitness regimen tailored to our client’s specific needs as well as regular therapeutically-oriented, nature-based activities to complement treatment in a variety of ways. We believe that incorporating physical wellness and nature-based activities into our already comprehensive approach to treatment provides yet another way to support each individual on their path of recovery and healing.

Summary of Services

Summary of Initial Services

  • Two initial training/education sessions with our Personal Trainer.
  • Exercise mat, resistant band, and water bottle.

Summary of On-Going Services

  • Thrice-weekly one-hour fitness class facilitated by our Personal Trainer.
  • Physical Fitness Growth and Activity-level Tracking
  • Coordination with BrightQuest’s clinical liaison.