BrightQuest San Diego Setting

Located in the beautiful community of La Mesa just 15 minutes east of downtown, BrightQuest San Diego provides comprehensive therapeutic services to individuals suffering from chronic mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and depression. Clients live within walking distance of our offices and come by daily for individual and group therapy, vocational and educational support, and to attend several structured socialization events.

Our Beautiful Neighborhood

Our offices and residences are located in the safe, serene middle-class city of La Mesa. There are numerous services within walking distance, including grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a shopping mall. Just a short block from BrightQuest is one of San Diego’s most beautiful recreational parks, Lake Murray. There’s also a metro bus and trolley transportation system which has service to Old Town Historical Park and downtown San Diego. We frequently have group outings to local beaches, parks, museums, and restaurants.

Our Core Treatment Program

BrightQuest has four main components to our treatment program: Intensive Psychotherapy, Vocational and Educational Support, Living Skills Development, and Structured Socialization. Clients participate in several hours of group therapy conducted in our professional offices each week in addition to their individual and family therapy sessions. A dedicated work development coordinator also assists in developing work and educational skills. The ability to connect with peers and the community is also vital to long-term recovery. In our semi-independent homes, clients learn to live cooperatively, manage various household tasks, attain and maintain medication compliance, and develop the skills necessary for independent living.

Our Individualized Programming

In addition to our standard level of care, we offer several individualized programs to ensure that treatment is tailored to our clients’ varied needs. Our recovery program employs and integrates a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of various substance use disorders. Our nutrition program helps to promote total wellness through behavior change in the areas of nutrition and exercise. Our equine therapy program incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and development, providing vast opportunities for metaphorical learning, an effective technique when working with even the most challenging individuals. Finally, our physical wellness program incorporates exercise and nature-based activities to contribute to both the physical and psychological well-being of our clients.

Family Support Groups

Every other month, we host a Multi-Family Support Group for the families of clients either in a BrightQuest program or awaiting admission. Our 2024 Family Support Group dates for BrightQuest San Diego are:

  • February 22-24, 2024
  • April 25-27, 2024
  • June 27-29, 2024
  • August 22-24, 2024
  • October 17-19, 2024
  • December 5-7, 2024

Our Helpful Staff

Our professional team is dedicated to providing the best care possible. Each client is assigned at least one individual therapist, and usually a separate family therapist. These clinical professionals coordinate care during our daily staff meetings to ensure that each client is progressing toward their treatment goals.

In addition to the clinical staff, we have several other staff members who play special roles. We have a team of dedicated chemical dependency team, work developer, medication coordinators, and supervisors who all play an important day-to-day role in the care of our clients. We also have a team of administrators who play various roles including ensuring that the website is current, updating our facebook page, creating our newsletter, planning our community outings, and helping to ensure that clients get the care they need during our admissions process.

Intensive Residential Housing

Intensive Residential is our highest level of care at BrightQuest. Our licensed non-locked facility provides subacute residential around-the-clock care that provides the highest level of care, programming, and supervision. Intensive Residential is for clients who need a greater level of supervision and support while stabilizing and preparing for a less structured setting in our semi-independent living level of care.

Semi-Independent Living Housing

Our Semi-Independent Housing offers comfortable and safe living quarters for your loved one. Each client is assigned a fully furnished private bedroom with new linens, towels, and a private house phone. Common areas are nicely furnished and monitored daily to make sure they are well kept. Personal items, such as televisions and computers, are allowed as long as they are used appropriately and in accordance with the individual’s personal treatment plan as approved by the clinical treatment team.

Each residence has an outdoor area where clients can socialize, host community gatherings, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather. In fact, many clients have chosen to start outdoor gardens and other endeavors to create personal comfort and the pride of belonging.

Three or four clients reside at each of the residences and are supported in learning to live cooperatively, manage various household tasks, attain and maintain medication compliance, and develop the skills necessary for independent and quality living.

A BrightQuest house manager conducts weekly house meetings where clients are supported in creating a meal plan and shopping list for the upcoming week. Each household member participates in a rotation of meal prep, cooking, or clean-up.

The weekly house meeting is also a forum where clients are supported in learning how to live cooperatively with others, improve communication and problem solving skills, and learn tasks associated with household management.