Additional Specialized Programming

The intensive treatment program at BrightQuest is designed to address the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual facets of well-being and help clients develop a stronger mind-body connection. We offer a number of additional specialized programming to further your loved one's treatment goals.

At the time of admission, our clinical team may recommend one or more of the following specialized programs.

Clients are assigned to specialized programs based on clinical need.

Please consult with our admissions specialists or your loved one’s primary therapist for more details about any of our specialized programs and their availability at your BrightQuest location.

Addiction Recovery Case Management

Addiction Recovery Case Management helps clients learn to expedite the bio-psycho-social recovery process through proper nutrition, utilizing vitamins and supplements, exercise, stress management, effective communication skills, socializing, meditation and fun.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy is a therapeutic approach that utilizes activities, metaphors, physical challenges, outdoor activities, and wilderness experiences with groups and families.

Equine Therapy

In our Equine Therapy program, trained therapeutic and equestrian counselors use evidence-based interventions and educational components to help clients explore core issues and learn new life skills.

Nutritional Counseling and Education

Nutritional Counseling and Education emphasizes self-care by incorporating healthy nutrition and exercise regimens into treatment plans to improve management of psychiatric and medical symptoms.

Physical Wellness Training

Physical Wellness Training incorporates physical wellness and nature-based activities into our already comprehensive approach to treatment to support each individual on their path of recovery and healing.


Rock to Recovery

Rock to Recovery® gives our clients a chance to have fun expressing themselves, work as a group, and experience the natural dopamine release in the brain that music produces.

Integrative Wellness Services

At our Nashville location, Integrative Wellness Services provides a range of holistic services designed to complement client treatment including massage, acupuncture, reiki, and individual yoga sessions. These services are personalized to each client to promote optimal healing and recovery.

For questions or more information about the specialized programming at BrightQuest, please contact admissions.