Our Culture

BrightQuest Treatment Centers offer a full spectrum of care from residential treatment through independent living and outpatient support for clients with complex mental illnesses. BrightQuest develops individualized and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each client.

BrightQuest Treatment Centers stand on an ever-evolving one-of-a-kind culture that has existed for over 40 years.

Belonging, shared responsibility, personal agency, and relationship recovery form the cornerstones of our community’s unique culture.

We welcome each individual and family member in an accepting, caring environment that provides guided support through a journey of personal and collective growth and healing.



At BrightQuest, we believe a sense of belonging is the heart and soul of health and well-being. Far too often, individuals and families attempting to cope with mental illness find themselves isolated and lonely when what is really needed is a supportive, caring group to encourage, empower and offer hope. Members of the BrightQuest community come to truly care about and for one another, providing a communal experience that is often unfamiliar yet very much welcomed.

Shared Responsibility

While BrightQuest clients focus on their own health and recovery processes, they also become involved in supporting the healing journeys of their peers. Receiving support while also giving back facilitates recovery, strengthens self-esteem and improves relationships. Sharing in the upkeep and functioning of one’s community and the experience of reciprocal support creates a level of personal and collective investment from which all benefit.

Personal Agency

The spirit of our community helps individuals envision an identity beyond one’s diagnosis and acquire the skills necessary to actualize that vision. As program participants begin testing out new ways of thinking, coping, and interacting, the community offers support and feedback to help solidify progress and success. Being an integral part of an encouraging community allows for the safe exploration of opportunities perhaps previously not thought possible.

Relationship Recovery

We believe many symptoms are born out of relationship injuries and therefore, strong, safe attachments are the remedy. The BrightQuest treatment model encourages deep reflection on relationship patterns and developing safer, healthier ways of relating to others and self. From this strong interpersonal foundation, individuals and families alike are poised to mend relationships that may have suffered while on the road towards recovery, creating reparative experiences for all.

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Both BrightQuest locations provide the same unique therapeutic community experience and quality of care for individuals suffering from complex mental illnesses and their families.