BrightQuest Therapeutic Communities

The original BrightQuest facility was created in San Diego in 1979. Over the years the community has grown to be able to serve larger numbers of patients and families. Recently a second facility was opened in Nashville, TN, to bring the unique, healing therapeutic community model of care to patients and families in other parts of the country. Both facilities offer the same quality care for individuals suffering from severe mental illness.

Therapeutic Community Model

Many individuals who suffer from complex mental illness experience many hospitalizations and treatment experiences. The BrightQuest model of care was designed to help these individuals learn the skills and experience to be able to avoid readmission to the hospital and to live as independently as possible.

Our therapeutic communities provides different levels of treatment from residential through to outpatient and case management. Our unique model is based on the belief that individual healing is optimized in a supportive, community atmosphere that allows for personal empowerment and a healthy, balanced life.

Patients can transition from one level to the next as they adopt new living skills and independence. Our communities offer safe and loving environments where members learn to listen, to respond to others, and more effectively deal with situations in the world in an authentic way.

Integrated Family Treatment

Work with families is a cornerstone of our treatment. Families participate in treatment from pre-admission to discharge. We have found that treatment outcomes are optimized with family support.

Our team has designed therapeutic strategies to help families become more successful in navigating life with a loved one who is living with mental illness, including family therapy, regular Family Support Groups, and frequent video conference psychoeducation groups. To learn more about how BrightQuest works with families, please contact one of our admissions agents.