Mission & Philosophy

BrightQuest’s mission is to provide comprehensive outpatient services within the context of a therapeutic community. BrightQuest provides a safe haven for individual recovery in a loving, supportive, and non-institutionalized atmosphere. Our goal is to foster hope for recovery by assisting each individual in developing the skills needed to take charge of and create balance in their lives and reach the highest level of independence as possible. This therapeutic community approach seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of each person it serves, their families, the mental health system, and the community at large.

Compassionate Care Since 1979

Since its creation in 1979, BrightQuest has grown into a comprehensive system of care serving a wide variety of individuals. Over many years, we have developed close working relationships with numerous hospitals, treatment programs, physicians, and other health practitioners both locally and across the nation to reach out to those who may benefit from our vision of healing.

BrightQuest provides a multi-disciplinary team approach. Each community member is treated by a team of professionals, including psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists and masters-level therapists. We coordinate care with additional treatment providers based on the individual needs, such as with psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and nutritionists. We consider our team approach as an integral part of each community member’s individualized therapy plan. BrightQuest’s total staff-to-client ratio is greater than 1:1.

BrightQuest’s setting is uniquely different from traditional, institutional treatment formats offered at many hospitals and clinics. We promote a balanced approach to health and recovery focusing on lifestyle change through individualized, treatment strategies designed to treat the whole person and meet his or her unique goals and needs.

Our Vision

We strongly believe in the creative window that opens when an individual feels seen, welcomed and confirmed in their ability to recover and thrive.

The essence of BrightQuest is the sense of support fostered by the empowering and reciprocal nature of therapeutic community. We believe that the process of change and recovery is facilitated by the sense of belonging and involvement in the life of a group or community. Healing is strengthened by an environment of hope and encouragement, where each individual is supported in his or her own healing as well as participates in the healing process of others.

BrightQuest’s belief is that self-esteem grows out of building a balanced, high quality life. Members of the BrightQuest community are given the opportunity to learn skills necessary to achieve their goals, give and receive support, learn effective self-care strategies, and be responsive to both self and others. Through support, feedback, safety, and the experience of being heard, community members learn how to appropriately and constructively identify, express, and manage their feelings.

Our program focuses on creating a foundation for healthy living via vocational and educational development, improved relationships, and increased overall personal fulfillment. Our vision is that participation in the BrightQuest Community program will give each member the tools to attain a level of balance and independence commensurate to that which they are capable of, with the confidence, courage and determination to live a healthy and productive life.