The Importance of Family Support During Dual Diagnosis Recovery

When a loved one is being treated in a dual diagnosis treatment program, the support of family and friends is vital to the success of the treatment. The treatment team at BrightQuest can help you and your family learn how to support your loved one in a way that will help, rather than enable them.

The Challenges Patients Might Face

When a person has a drug or alcohol addiction, in combination with a mental illness, the challenges they face are intensified more than those with a single diagnosis. A person might suffer from various lifestyle challenges such as financial difficulties, housing issues, and difficultly maintaining employment.

What Patients Need

When a dual diagnosis exists, patients generally require extensive therapy and help in a variety of areas including: individual therapy, family therapy, independent living skills, and assistance with relationships.

In addition, they may need support in creating a structured environment. When people suffer from addiction they often lack structure and responsibility in their daily lives. These both become important factors of recovery, when entering the real world after treatment.

How Families Can Help

BrightQuest firmly believes that families are essential in the healing and recovery process. The treatment team at BrightQuest can help you and your family become educated on dual diagnosis, as well as in the methods that will help you be as supportive as possible for your loved one.