Recognize the Signs of OCD

If you suspect that a loved one is suffering from OCD, the experts at BrightQuest can provide him or her with the support and OCD treatment that they need to deal with the symptoms of this condition. The compassionate professionals at BrightQuest provide customized, individualized, treatment plans for every individual receiving treatment.


OCD can interfere with a person’s day-to-day functioning, making work and home life a challenge for everyone involved. People suffering from OCD often engage in repetitive or compulsive behavior. A few symptoms to watch out for include:

Obsessions-recurrent and intrusive thoughts that cause distress or anxiety:

  • The person knows their thoughts are irrational
  • They try to ignore or suppress the thoughts through compulsive behaviors
  • The person is not excessively worried about day-to-day problems, rather they are consumed by irrational worries

Compulsive Behaviors-repetitive behaviors that a person feels driven to do, often in response to obsessive thoughts:

  • The person may repetitively count items or check if they are in a certain order or facing a certain way
  • They might consistently check to see that the door is locked or stove is shut off
  • The person may repetitively wash or clean to the point that it causes damage to themselves or objects

The professionals at BrightQuest will individually assess your loved one’s symptoms in order to effectively provide OCD treatment that works.