Payment Options

BrightQuest is a private pay facility and does not contract directly with any insurance companies nor do we accept assignment of benefits. However, there are options such as third-party insurance advocates, who may be able to help you with the reimbursement process.

An Insurance Advocate May Be Able to Help You

Searching for the best care can be confusing and stressful for clients and families. The cost, licensure, and experience of treatment centers vary greatly. Insurance reimbursement is often complicated and easily misunderstood. Here are some considerations to help you navigate your insurance options.

Like most treatment centers, our program is not in-network with any insurance provider, but we can refer you to a third-party insurance advocate who has successfully helped many patients get reimbursed for a portion of their treatment expenses. Your benefits verification is free and completely confidential. This will allow the third-party insurance advocate to learn about your available benefits and help them maximize the amount of reimbursement you may be able to receive.

Private Pay & Out-of-Network Insurance

As a private-pay program, we work with health insurance on an out-of-network basis. There are a number of reasons we choose to remain private pay. The primary reason is that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality clinical and medical care. We know that in-network insurance would require us to limit services that are vital to your recovery, including our in-depth diagnostic assessment process.

Working with in-network insurance may also mean that your length-of-stay could be constantly in question. Insurance often requires ongoing proof that each day of treatment is “medically necessary,” despite the fact that numerous studies have shown how much more effective treatment is when you have a longer length of stay. Knowing the length of time you’ll be with us allows you to really unpack and begin your healing process. You’ll be doing important work here and having your length of stay constantly under review takes away from the sense of safety and community that is so vital to that work. Our hope is that you or your loved one receive the highest level of care available.